Be calm my heart

What causes us to go crazy and scream, get upset and to take it out on the ones we love and in turn hurting ourselves our bodies our heart and so much more.

It starts for me with lack of communication and the little hurts that add up. I hope each day to learn more and more about each other and to share ways to help our relationship grow.

They say opposites attract although how can we be so different and be so well suited for each other?

I love my husband and know how dear I am to him. This is all one can ask for.

My love, deserves my respect, time and every bit of my care and devotion.

8 going on 9 months of Corona update

Since March many of us have been social distancing, wearing masks, staying out of restaurants and stores to the best of our ability. With Amazon, Instacart and many other online businesses growing tremendously in revenue and helping all of us through these very trying times, we are looking to the future and hoping more than ever to be able to go back to the good ole days. The word for our current state is Corona “fatigue”. Please continue to take make good choices for all of us.

Know your body

I woke up itching and also had a really bad dream. What I realized was that I had upped a dosage of medicine recommended by my health professional. It is so important for everyone to know their own body. Listen….feel…recognize all the little changes and try to see how to benefit ourselves by being aware. I know that each and every one of us, have our very own health issues that we are hopefully always working on to better out lives. It is like having our very own puzzle to work on daily. Here is to your health and being the very best you can be.

As an add on to the piece above: I just started watching/listening to Utube videos while I work. There is so much we can learn, by incorporating other people’s wisdom and knowledge.

Dipping our toe into the water & extending our circle

How & when do we decide that today or tomorrow is the right time to start widening our circle of friends and family into our lives with the awareness that we could be taking a risk and being OK with it? I know, for me, the time is now.

I see myself and my husband opening ourselves up, to the possibility of being with the friends and family that we so dearly miss.

We are striving towards keeping our immunity strong with sunlight, fresh air, diet and exercise along with taking other precautions that make sense to us.

We are all so ready to be together as a community again, sharing a meal, show, game, museum and for the kids even going out to trick or treat on Halloween, laughing and running down the streets in their colorful costumes.

Let us all be aware of the opportunities we have, to use the technologies at our fingerprints to stay connected with each other.

We look to the future when we are able to share our presence with each other again.

I’m so happy I hugged you then, and hope to hug you again

I am and always have been a hugger. I know over the years I have questioned whether or not in professional situations as well as with new people I have met, if hugging was appropriate. All I can say, looking back at all the people that I have hugged over my lifetime, is that I’m thankful that I did choose to hug you. Who knew that our future would include Covid 19 and that not only would we not be hugging each other, we can hardly be in the same room, talk without a mask, share a car ride with a friend, sit in a movie, play in a card room together, sit at the same table at a restaurant and the list goes on and on. I’m so looking forward to a day when we feel comfortable to hug again. Many people are telling us that there will be a “New Normal” and I have a feeling that hugs may not be included. I will be hugging you in my dreams until then, as the closeness that we have shared is an important part of our human interactions and the closeness we have as family, friends and colleagues is vital for all of us.

When to recommend or refer someone

Do you question yourself sometimes before referring a friend, associate or family member to someone you know personally or professionally? I know I do. It seems to me that if the company/ person you refer doesn’t work out then we end up feeling bad. So what do we do? I know, I want to help people, and that means telling people about my favorite professionals in business, including doctors, mechanics, service men/woman etc…. I just try to let my friends and family know that we have been happy with the people we are referring them to, although every person’s opinion is different. So everyone…be thankful to your friends for sharing their favorite people with you and if it doesn’t work out be thankful anyway.

A real question facing us today during Covid

Whether to wear a mask in public is a no brainer for me, as I want to be able to protect as many people as possible whether every person believe’s a mask will help or not for the time being. I understand that my wearing a mask protects others not myself. I am aware that just because I wear a mask in no way means that I am protected unless enough people feel the same way as I do or are mandated to wear a mask. Most people I speak to have a real fear of contracting Corona and no one knows the actual future effects on our body if we do get it. As for the non believers, who think that Corona is not a true threat to themselves or their families, then that’s were the real question comes into play for myself and so many other people I know. So, you are invited to go to a family or friends home and they are a non believers…do you go see your family or friend as you know, they will not be wearing a mask and you know that they come into contact with other none believers like themselves on a regular basis? What about the fact that if they have children that each child also may go to camp, school, activities and have their own social circles as well. This is a real dilemma and it is not getting any easier. How do you tell the people you really care for and love, that you don’t know when it is that you will see them again in person unless it is from a distance in a park lets say or outside somewhere. When will this pandemic be over or subside to the point of making these decisions easier. What about the fact that I’m trying to protect my parents and the seniors I come into contact with on a regular basis and they feel like if they contract the virus that they have already lived a good life and feel it is worth the risk. There are so many questions we are all facing at this moment in time…and I’m sure we all wish this virus would magically disappear. When will we all go back to life as we knew it? Some people say life will never again be as we knew it before, and I find that just unbelievable. I’m a glass half full type or person and I’m looking forward to the time when we all look back at this and realize that we are living lives that are full of hope, promise and adventure and we are a more prepared world in the future.

Coronavirus in March of 2020 Covid 19

Serene fear is what I said at a meeting today of my associates on a “Go to meeting” as that’s the way we meet today. Nothing in person, no more than 10 together each standing 6 feet apart. Everyone sheltering in place in their own homes trying to stay busy as not to think too much about what we are really worrying about. How much time time will be staying home bound, worried about even going to the grocery store for basic necessities, pharmacy’s for our meds or any other run in our car somewhere just to feel like we are doing something normal like we use to do. I drove a friend to the doctor and never got out of the car and I have been home for over 2 weeks or longer. I have totally lost track of how much time. I do feel so blessed to have family on our property and family within so many miles from us. We have a salt pool and sauna and 3 acres to grow some of our own fruit and veggies. We pool our grocery lists on the property so only one person has to go out and shop for all of us wearing a mask and gloves. We have tried to order food online to be delivered and have not been able to due to services like Instacart being overrun with orders. It’s hard to convince everyone that we really are at risk and need to stay safe and to protect each other using sanitizer, hydrogen peroxide to wipe door handles, think about how many mail boxes the mail man has touched and please do not touch it without protection. We are all sharing ideas via social media and email. Watching TV shows/streaming series has been a real way to unwind to take our minds off of the events on the news each day. Using FaceTime to actually see if not touch the people we love is no replacement, yet fulfilling in ways that we are so grateful for. Our lives have changed beyond our wildest dreams and the world has shut down. Yes, every country has been effected and we need to pull together so that we as a world can see this through….to a better place then we are in now.

Mmmmm…I love me some Monday!

As I opened my eyes this morning and realized that it was Monday I did what I believe most people do and thought oh no It’s Monday….then suddenly I had an epiphany and I thought don’t we all love the New Year…it is the Jewish New Year right now and I thought wow…it’s a new beginning of the week, of the year and of my life. I got out of bed with a smile on my face, a skip in my walk and had an awesome day. If we are doing what we are passionate about in life then every day, no matter what day it turns out to be, is what I want to be thankful for. The dreams I have, the rest I get each night, the abilities I have and best of all the people that I love.

Arielle and David’s wedding in PA

I remember the call I made to Arielle a few weeks before all of us getting together for Arielle’s and David’s wedding. Arielle didn’t answer so I left her a very heartfelt message saying how excited I was that every time I called our family members anywhere in the country, I ended the calls with I’ll see you soon in Pittsburgh. What a great feeling knowing we would all be together soon to witness the vows, Arielle and David would be taking.

At the bachelorette party, we rolled our own sushi and received mini mani or pedi’s and laughed to the party game where Arielle needed to answer questions to what David had answered earlier and Arielle had to answer what she thought David would say Arielle would say. So much fun…I also was one of the winners and took home a nice notepad. While driving Gary and Adi’s rental car back to the hotel filled with all of us girls, we all had an adventure when I thought we were running out of gas. Rachel is the best navigator.

The picnic that was hosted by Sunny was really amazing as we spent the whole day in the park inside a covered shelter that was huge and filled with delicious food, arts supplies, fishing poles, Kadima, bubbles, music sang by Sunny’s friend and so many yummy treats to eat that were homemade and catered. We had time to visit with so many people and for the first time in a long time we also got to see all of the Israeli family that came for the wedding….that we have missed. We stayed and lit candles for the Sabbath together.

We all felt so blessed to all be together with our family and friends witnessing the marriage of Arielle and David after they had been dating for 11 years. The wedding on the lake with the 2 geese showing up and staying for the whole ceremony, the beautiful painted Chupah by Sunny, the party that followed, us dancing the night away to great song pics, Tals band singing their hearts out to Arielle and David the song they wrote and the delicious dinner where we sang our song we wrote for the newlyweds from the play “Rent”.

The brunch hosted by Ema and Dad and put on by Steve was a really nice way to connect with everyone before we all went back to our home towns or continued travels.

Our week spent in Pittsburgh was so very awesome and I will always remember how beautiful Arielle looked and how happy Arielle and David are as a couple and how we wish them a life of great joy together.