A special day with family

    How blessed we are to have such an amazing family. Mom is in from Las Vegas, my sister is in from Kentucky and our Granddaughter spent the day with us and she is a bundle of joy at her almost 4 years old. We did accomplish cleaning out the toy closet and our 3 year old Granddaughter played her 83 year old Great Grandma GiGi Mankala. Then we had a really nice afternoon at my brothers house with his whole family. Isn’t that what life is about….sharing those special moments with the people we love. Each day is an opportunity for all of to find meaning and joy. Here is to another beautiful day tomorrow.

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    1. doriland

      Hi Teri, I’m brand new to blogging and you are my first ever comment as I did not even know how to look for the comments on my site. I was actually tapping on different things trying to figure out how to upload a photo again. Thank you so much for your lovely response to my blog. It makes me happy to put my thoughts into words. Have a beautiful weekend!

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