“Just what the doctor ordered”

    You know that kind of day that gets you down…….you are reaching for ways to get out of your funk….nothing like a sweet sister to invite you for a walk on the beach. How absolutely fortunate we were to see the actual natural feeding time of the dolphins at Wiggins Pass State park which was spectacular, the way the 3 of them circled their catch as they propelled their bodies through the surf at speeds that you would never believe of the graceful swimmers. We saw beautiful shells, birds, driftwood, tree’s strewn with shells like Christmas decorations near the shore, the sound of the wind through the leaves, the laughter of children playing, pelicans flying overhead and the hope of a magnificent sunset to come.

    The special part of our afternoon was that I was invited to go with our 2 nieces and what a treat they are.

    I’m here to tell you that even you have even forgotten how my day started. 4/3/19

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