Soup in a bag

    One of my favorite things to eat is homemade soup and the funniest things is that I didn’t even know how much I liked soup till I moved into my own apartment when I was going to College. I called my Mom and said oh my gosh what is this stuff they put in a can of soup it’s disgusting?!! From that moment on I realized that I had totally not appreciated my mothers cooking while I was young. It was then that I asked my Mom to give me some of her recipes. Her soup in a bag basically is a freezer zip lock bag she would fill up all week long with any vegetables while she was preparing and chopping for other meals and then at the end of the week she would empty the freezer bag into a large soup pot, a gallon of water, some form of bones like turkey necks or chicken legs and then spices. Talk about yummy!! Mom calls it everything but her Kitchen Sink Soup.

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