And so I screamed

    What a lovely afternoon to celebrate our Granddaughter Sarah’s 4th birthday. Everything was going great until the noise level just got so loud that I literally couldn’t take it anymore and screamed “Quiet Everyone”…. I realized that we had the doors closed and 15 or so people including 6 kids in a very small space with everyone trying to be heard….everyone quieted down after I got a few looks and the party was a huge success. Sarah has so many cousins that just adore her that can’t get enough of her cuteness, Eli her brother was having a great time, the gluten free cake was beautiful and yummy, dinner was delicious and to top it off the Segway lessons & rides were a real hit with my brother, nephew, son and nieces enjoying the ride. I feel so blessed to have an amazing family, the help with everyone pitching in supporting each each other. Maybe next time I’ll just open the door.

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