What is Lakestock you ask? Well it is an outdoor concert held each year in Kentucky on our sisters property 1 mile from Lake Cumberland in Monticello. Sunny our sister and sponsors recruit local talent and talent in Nashville to play on the property. The stage with all its lighting, speakers, and some of the best country music. What a beautiful night we had under the stars with such great weather. With a cool breeze, families swaying to the music, with smells from the concession stand and light sticks shining bright with kids wheeling them like light sabers. We all sang along and danced to the music. Each year there is an after party on the upper deck with Bob the bartender, the sponsors, musicians and us. What a great way to end the evening. We took a refreshing dip in the lake the following day and always lots of fun with family and friends. That is what Lakestock is all about.

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