A visit from the little big one

    How incredible to have your 7 year old Grandson come for a short visit with his Mom. Just after arriving Eli and I went into my office and we sat side by side and as I worked for a bit Eli drew dinosaurs talking the whole time about wanting to get the DNA from a dinosaur and having them walk the earth again. Eli is just so bright and passionate about his subjects. Then we went to our garden and we picked his favorite natural chewing gum, which is our lemongrass and pulled it right out of the soil and then we came into the house and sliced it into pieces. We also picked fresh rosemary for the sauté that Papa Lee was making. Next we stripped down to our undies as isn’t that what you do when you did not intend to go swimming, and in we went to our delicious pool. It is there that we rescued “Smog” the little baby frog and Eli created a rock home on our patio for Smog to relax and recuperate. After playing the game “Fill in the blank” that we asked each other to complete each other’s sentences we splashed around and Eli jumped through hose hoops. When we came in Papa Lee and Rachel had on a TV show about an archeologist in Egypt and as Eli had studied Egypt last year and this archeologist was using special infrared light-with and she was able to find vast amounts of hidden cities and so much more. Eli didn’t want to leave even though it was well past his bedtime. Dinner was yummy and the company was great. These are the special times we treasure.

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