Camp Yofi

    What a throw back to when I was a camper at Camp Blue Star along with my siblings.

    We drove up to Camp Yofi at Camp Ramah Darom in northern Georgia last week and was an experience of a lifetime for myself, Lee, Rachel, Kyle and our grandkids Eli and Sarah. We were so busy from sun up to sun down and beyond with the adult evening activities.

    By day we were busy doing arts and crafts, a canoe ride, learning songs with Matt, eating 3 healthy meals a day, meeting new friends, walking down the hills to go to our activities and really thankful for the Uber golf carts to take us back to our room, visiting with our kids and grandkids, and so much more.

    Everyday there were so many choices of things to do and we could not have been happier to see Eli blossoming with all of his new found friends, repelling off the tower, icky, gooey, sticky night where Eli covered himself in shaving cream and the things we did not see that Rachel, Kyle or Elliot (Eli’s councilor) took photos of like archery, hiking to the waterfalls, holding a frog, petting the friendly goats, swimming in the lake and pool, canoeing, hiking, arts and crafts and so much more.

    Sarah was a bit shy the first day and then opened up and made many friends as well and kept very busy. Sarah became very independent around camp and also enjoyed every minute. I was so happy to hear our daughter Rachel say that Eli not only wants to spend the summer at camp he would like to stay the whole year.

    Thanks for the memories Camp Yofi 2019.

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