Coronavirus in March of 2020 Covid 19

    Serene fear is what I said at a meeting today of my associates on a “Go to meeting” as that’s the way we meet today. Nothing in person, no more than 10 together each standing 6 feet apart. Everyone sheltering in place in their own homes trying to stay busy as not to think too much about what we are really worrying about. How much time time will be staying home bound, worried about even going to the grocery store for basic necessities, pharmacy’s for our meds or any other run in our car somewhere just to feel like we are doing something normal like we use to do. I drove a friend to the doctor and never got out of the car and I have been home for over 2 weeks or longer. I have totally lost track of how much time. I do feel so blessed to have family on our property and family within so many miles from us. We have a salt pool and sauna and 3 acres to grow some of our own fruit and veggies. We pool our grocery lists on the property so only one person has to go out and shop for all of us wearing a mask and gloves. We have tried to order food online to be delivered and have not been able to due to services like Instacart being overrun with orders. It’s hard to convince everyone that we really are at risk and need to stay safe and to protect each other using sanitizer, hydrogen peroxide to wipe door handles, think about how many mail boxes the mail man has touched and please do not touch it without protection. We are all sharing ideas via social media and email. Watching TV shows/streaming series has been a real way to unwind to take our minds off of the events on the news each day. Using FaceTime to actually see if not touch the people we love is no replacement, yet fulfilling in ways that we are so grateful for. Our lives have changed beyond our wildest dreams and the world has shut down. Yes, every country has been effected and we need to pull together so that we as a world can see this through….to a better place then we are in now.

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