A real question facing us today during Covid

    Whether to wear a mask in public is a no brainer for me, as I want to be able to protect as many people as possible whether every person believe’s a mask will help or not for the time being. I understand that my wearing a mask protects others not myself. I am aware that just because I wear a mask in no way means that I am protected unless enough people feel the same way as I do or are mandated to wear a mask. Most people I speak to have a real fear of contracting Corona and no one knows the actual future effects on our body if we do get it. As for the non believers, who think that Corona is not a true threat to themselves or their families, then that’s were the real question comes into play for myself and so many other people I know. So, you are invited to go to a family or friends home and they are a non believers…do you go see your family or friend as you know, they will not be wearing a mask and you know that they come into contact with other none believers like themselves on a regular basis? What about the fact that if they have children that each child also may go to camp, school, activities and have their own social circles as well. This is a real dilemma and it is not getting any easier. How do you tell the people you really care for and love, that you don’t know when it is that you will see them again in person unless it is from a distance in a park lets say or outside somewhere. When will this pandemic be over or subside to the point of making these decisions easier. What about the fact that I’m trying to protect my parents and the seniors I come into contact with on a regular basis and they feel like if they contract the virus that they have already lived a good life and feel it is worth the risk. There are so many questions we are all facing at this moment in time…and I’m sure we all wish this virus would magically disappear. When will we all go back to life as we knew it? Some people say life will never again be as we knew it before, and I find that just unbelievable. I’m a glass half full type or person and I’m looking forward to the time when we all look back at this and realize that we are living lives that are full of hope, promise and adventure and we are a more prepared world in the future.

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