I’m so happy I hugged you then, and hope to hug you again

    I am and always have been a hugger. I know over the years I have questioned whether or not in professional situations as well as with new people I have met, if hugging was appropriate. All I can say, looking back at all the people that I have hugged over my lifetime, is that I’m thankful that I did choose to hug you. Who knew that our future would include Covid 19 and that not only would we not be hugging each other, we can hardly be in the same room, talk without a mask, share a car ride with a friend, sit in a movie, play in a card room together, sit at the same table at a restaurant and the list goes on and on. I’m so looking forward to a day when we feel comfortable to hug again. Many people are telling us that there will be a “New Normal” and I have a feeling that hugs may not be included. I will be hugging you in my dreams until then, as the closeness that we have shared is an important part of our human interactions and the closeness we have as family, friends and colleagues is vital for all of us.

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