Dipping our toe into the water & extending our circle

    How & when do we decide that today or tomorrow is the right time to start widening our circle of friends and family into our lives with the awareness that we could be taking a risk and being OK with it? I know, for me, the time is now.

    I see myself and my husband opening ourselves up, to the possibility of being with the friends and family that we so dearly miss.

    We are striving towards keeping our immunity strong with sunlight, fresh air, diet and exercise along with taking other precautions that make sense to us.

    We are all so ready to be together as a community again, sharing a meal, show, game, museum and for the kids even going out to trick or treat on Halloween, laughing and running down the streets in their colorful costumes.

    Let us all be aware of the opportunities we have, to use the technologies at our fingerprints to stay connected with each other.

    We look to the future when we are able to share our presence with each other again.

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