To give and reduce

    For the last few days and for the next week or so, I have been and will be going through pantries, closets, drawers, bins etc….I couldn’t fit one more blouse in my closet and noticed that I keep wearing the same things over & over again. Would you believe yesterday I eliminated 115 tops, P. J’s and beach cover ups. How in the world did I accumulate so much. I know I’m a great shopper and go to places like consignment shops and use to even love to shop at yard sales. Where am I going to go where I need all of these cloths. I haven’t even tackled my pants, skirts, shorts, capri’s plus additional items I haven’t even found in my closet yet. I can’t tell you how great it felt this morning to wake up and for me to actually feel like I had so many new items to wear that were hiding amongst the way to many squished items in my closet. I’m first asking my family and friends to go through everything to see what they would like and thankfully I know that I’m bringing joy to a lot of individuals that are thrilled with their new things and donating the rest of everything. I have been so good over the last so many years not bringing anything into the house unless it’s a needed item or I know that I absolutely love it and know where it will fit. It feels so great to be reducing what I have and having more room for the things I own to breathe and to share with others. Here’s to everyone knowing the joy of what I’m feeling right now.

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