Arielle and David’s wedding in PA

    I remember the call I made to Arielle a few weeks before all of us getting together for Arielle’s and David’s wedding. Arielle didn’t answer so I left her a very heartfelt message saying how excited I was that every time I called our family members anywhere in the country, I ended the calls with I’ll see you soon in Pittsburgh. What a great feeling knowing we would all be together soon to witness the vows, Arielle and David would be taking.

    At the bachelorette party, we rolled our own sushi and received mini mani or pedi’s and laughed to the party game where Arielle needed to answer questions to what David had answered earlier and Arielle had to answer what she thought David would say Arielle would say. So much fun…I also was one of the winners and took home a nice notepad. While driving Gary and Adi’s rental car back to the hotel filled with all of us girls, we all had an adventure when I thought we were running out of gas. Rachel is the best navigator.

    The picnic that was hosted by Sunny was really amazing as we spent the whole day in the park inside a covered shelter that was huge and filled with delicious food, arts supplies, fishing poles, Kadima, bubbles, music sang by Sunny’s friend and so many yummy treats to eat that were homemade and catered. We had time to visit with so many people and for the first time in a long time we also got to see all of the Israeli family that came for the wedding….that we have missed. We stayed and lit candles for the Sabbath together.

    We all felt so blessed to all be together with our family and friends witnessing the marriage of Arielle and David after they had been dating for 11 years. The wedding on the lake with the 2 geese showing up and staying for the whole ceremony, the beautiful painted Chupah by Sunny, the party that followed, us dancing the night away to great song pics, Tals band singing their hearts out to Arielle and David the song they wrote and the delicious dinner where we sang our song we wrote for the newlyweds from the play “Rent”.

    The brunch hosted by Ema and Dad and put on by Steve was a really nice way to connect with everyone before we all went back to our home towns or continued travels.

    Our week spent in Pittsburgh was so very awesome and I will always remember how beautiful Arielle looked and how happy Arielle and David are as a couple and how we wish them a life of great joy together.

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